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I love to rant.Kpop/jpop is my escape from reality.And procrastinate is my full time hobby.

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

(un)wordless wednesday

'At the end of the day,all of these will be over and trust me,you gonna miss those times'

Monday, December 05, 2011


The hardest part when writing new blog entry is the FREAKING TITLE..!!

/I'm not a blog person,so begini la nasib blog ambe.puhh..tiup2 habuk. XD
Daily life routine for now:

-journals searching/reading
-back to journals reading (for 5 minutes)
-then 1-2 hours on fb+twitter+spazz

Oh,it's 5PM..Yeay,time to go home! :D


Sometimes I wonder if I am following the correct path.It is my childhood's dream to pursue MSc and PhD (InsyaAllah~).And here I am,struggling with the research works and the laziness.

Am I doing the right thing?to be honest,I dont know.But there's nothing I can do right now besides living this kind of life.yeah,sounds pathetic..but this is my life.Oh well,I love my pathetic life though!


p/s:if only i have my own car,then i think this pathetic life of mine will get a bit better.LOL.alasan! :p

Wednesday, November 02, 2011



22 and still counting.
Thank you Allah for I am still breathing,
with dearest family,friends and lovers.


/agak2 kontroversi tak perkataan 'lovers' aku tu?LOL.bajet #retis/
//nak tgk magic?higlight this,I know.OTL//

Monday, October 03, 2011


''Sembahyang jangan tinggal,Belajar sungguh-sungguh''


InsyaAllah..pray for me!

Saturday, September 24, 2011


-skipped Raya entry since I dont think I'm going to write one about,this year we dont have a complete family picture *sobs* since my oldest brother celebrate Raya with his wife's family in NS-

Let's proceed to Convo entry then..!

Mom and Dad,THANK YOU & あいしてる。。!

A キッス for you

and a キッス for you too..!
(sile abaikan muka buruk aku disini >.<)

Last but not least,Biomedicine boys and girls batch 07/11..! Tak cukup korum sebab ada yang tak dapat datang awal.huhu.
-for more pics,refer FB je la yek-

Good luck and all the best to my coursemate and also USM friends..!Hope we can meet again soon. <3

/bonus pic!!/ <--ayat bajet #retis kan?lol

My BFF from high school!O yeah,kami grad sesi yang sama oke! ^^
Nur Hazirah Nodin aka Eg/Jijie..sayang mu!mmuah2.haha.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Perlu tunggu hari Rabu untuk buat Wordless Wednesday,then buat entri raya+grad sekaligus.

/nampak gile kan aku pemalas?/

Saturday, August 27, 2011

2 in 1

Baru lepas tengok video si matlutfhi about Independence Day. Komen aku:memang terbaekk..!!tetiba aku rasa patriotik jap and bangga gila jadi anak Malaysia, walaupun kadang-kadang aku kutuk gak Malaysia dan rakyat+kerajaan :p

Satu video response yang sangat menarik perhatian aku, from 5:42 to 5:44. :)

''I am a MUSLIM first, I am a MALAY second,
BUT that doesn't make me less MALAYSIAN.''

Ramadhan dah nak balik dah. Syawal pula hampir menjelma (perghh,ayat nak bunga2.*pang.pang*). Alhamdulillah, Ramadhan aku kali ni macam lebih baik dari tahun lepas. eceh,yakin jer kan?haha. Persiapan raya dah siap kot.ape la sangat,baju kurung je pun,tak perlu nak melebih.Biskut raya suma pakai 'tunjuk' je ha,senang..HAHA! :p

On 31st August bersamaan 2 Syawal is Malaysian Independence Day..InsyaAllah,hari tu aku sibuk melayan tetamu di rumah sambil layan lagu-lagu patriotik...ROFL. *lempangdirilaju2*. Jemput ler beraya ke rumah...!oh,kepada yang kenal aku and tau alamat rumah aku jer la (gaya cam tak ikhlas gila nak menjemput orang.HAHA).Okeh la,akhir kata...

Happy (early)Independence Day and (also early) Eid Mubarak to all Malaysians and Muslims..!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011


overprotective is never a good thing.

yes,you can be protective over the people that you love,

but,once in a while,you gotta give them a chance,

so that they can grow up and see the world out there.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Confession #2

Here come confession #2..! :p

Honestly,I don't really like to wish people's birthday on this thing called It is a normal thing to do nowadays, when any of your friend's notification birthday popped up on your FB homepage, then you click on that friend's name and leave a Happy Birthday wish on her/his wall and etc etc.

I really don't do this thing. Oke, tipulah kalau kata aku tak pernah buat lansung. Ada jer aku wish to certain2 friends, but 'very the jarang' la. If that friend is close to me in real life, it's either I will SMSed her/him tapi kalau dah tengah ketiadaan kredit, usually memang aku wish on FB jer la. Cepat, senang, mudah dan FREE. ;)

I have no problem with people wishing birthday wishes on FB though. Sometimes, there are some wishes that are so heartwarming and I can really feel the honesty in it (haha,bajet je kau kan?). Oke, as a conclusion, to those friends on FB that I didn't leave any wish on your birthday, sorry+gomen+mianheo ekkk...hehe. ;p


Terpaksa update lagi satu entry.eceh..*lempang diri sendiri laju2*

Nothing much,just want to share this.


From 110 pages,nama aku on page yang ke 103.Terima kasih banyak-banyak kepada Inche bapa Wan Osman bin Wan Long (siap dengan nama penuh tuu..) kerana memberikan aku nama Wan oke.senang nak cari tau,as compare to orang dengan nama Nor/Nur/Nurul/Mohd/Mohammad.haha.

InsyaAllah,on this coming 22nd September,I will officially graduate as a Bachelor Degree in Health Science(Biomedicine).Takde gojes mana pun ha,aku still jugak menganggur kat rumah

p/s:Ada sapa-sapa yang pergi rehearsal tak nanti?Jom pegi sesama,then leh lepak-lepak sambil buat reunion dulu before grad.hehe.

Confession #1

I don't do blog just for the sake of 'collecting' followers or to raise money from Nuffnang. Here is the place where I transform some of my thoughts(mostly the random ones) into words and paragraphs.

Masih dalam proses mengenali alam blogging(haha,innocent gila kan bunyinye?) and I am not the person you can expect to write new entry everyday.But still,I welcome you my new followers and readers..!!As a newbie in this,I really am grateful if any of you willing to tell me any tips regarding blogging and blogspot. ;)

p/s:I named it as Confession #1 and you can expect more #

Monday, August 22, 2011

Deferto Neminem

Deferto Neminem

A quote from Shakespeare's when I am into poetry and stuff? -.-

Anyway,this is my new blog,my first try with blogspot!

Yoroshiku ne~

p/s:If any of you are curious,Deferto Neminem means Accuse No Man.Quite an interesting quote isn't? ;)