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Saturday, September 24, 2011


-skipped Raya entry since I dont think I'm going to write one about,this year we dont have a complete family picture *sobs* since my oldest brother celebrate Raya with his wife's family in NS-

Let's proceed to Convo entry then..!

Mom and Dad,THANK YOU & あいしてる。。!

A キッス for you

and a キッス for you too..!
(sile abaikan muka buruk aku disini >.<)

Last but not least,Biomedicine boys and girls batch 07/11..! Tak cukup korum sebab ada yang tak dapat datang awal.huhu.
-for more pics,refer FB je la yek-

Good luck and all the best to my coursemate and also USM friends..!Hope we can meet again soon. <3

/bonus pic!!/ <--ayat bajet #retis kan?lol

My BFF from high school!O yeah,kami grad sesi yang sama oke! ^^
Nur Hazirah Nodin aka Eg/Jijie..sayang mu!mmuah2.haha.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Perlu tunggu hari Rabu untuk buat Wordless Wednesday,then buat entri raya+grad sekaligus.

/nampak gile kan aku pemalas?/