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I love to rant.Kpop/jpop is my escape from reality.And procrastinate is my full time hobby.

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

(un)wordless wednesday

'At the end of the day,all of these will be over and trust me,you gonna miss those times'

Monday, December 05, 2011


The hardest part when writing new blog entry is the FREAKING TITLE..!!

/I'm not a blog person,so begini la nasib blog ambe.puhh..tiup2 habuk. XD
Daily life routine for now:

-journals searching/reading
-back to journals reading (for 5 minutes)
-then 1-2 hours on fb+twitter+spazz

Oh,it's 5PM..Yeay,time to go home! :D


Sometimes I wonder if I am following the correct path.It is my childhood's dream to pursue MSc and PhD (InsyaAllah~).And here I am,struggling with the research works and the laziness.

Am I doing the right thing?to be honest,I dont know.But there's nothing I can do right now besides living this kind of life.yeah,sounds pathetic..but this is my life.Oh well,I love my pathetic life though!


p/s:if only i have my own car,then i think this pathetic life of mine will get a bit better.LOL.alasan! :p